Church Hall Meeting in 2019 on Abuses Committed by Brisbane/Melbourne Christian Fellowship

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Paul Kovaks
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Church Hall Meeting in 2019 on Abuses Committed by Brisbane/Melbourne Christian Fellowship

Post by Paul Kovaks » Sun May 26, 2019 5:04 pm

Just wondering if anyone here is interested in a 'Church Hall Meeting on Abuses Committed by Brisbane/Melbourne Christian Fellowship'?

By that I mean a kind of press conference/testimony/discussion with the local CHURCH community (NOT the public), eg in Melbourne and/or Brisbane?

The aim would be to make other churches aware of what BCF/MCF is doing/proclaiming/accusing:

1. To make other churches aware of what psychological abuse looks like
2. So that the wider Christian community might influence BCF/MCF to come back into Christendom
3. Determine the best way to help people in or coming out of CFs
4. Determine if there's anything we can do collectively to hold CFs to some sort of account
5. Simply expose this cult within the wider Christian community

I want the neighboring churches around Croydon to know what goes on on that property here.

How they are accusing all the other churches of being 'false messengers'.

And what they are doing to their people:
  • Breaking up families
  • Banning grandparents from visiting grandchildren
  • Promoting divorces
  • Threatening elderly who want to serve in their communities
  • Threatening disabled to donate their payouts
  • Threatening loss of salvation for innocent personal choices
  • Taking advantage of naturally gullible people (who don't realise that you can say 'no' to a 'messenger' and not lose your salvation)
  • Forcing anti-stewarding of careers
  • Banning business plans
  • Psychological abuses in general
  • Stringing people on for multiple decades and still not letting them do anything
  • Holding people to arbitrary servitude and bannings for years on end
  • Banning innocent hobbies
  • Disallowing development of any sort of personal ministries
  • Holding back people from doing anything that a 'messenger' doesn't initiate
  • Lying about what was preached
  • Lying about what was counselled
  • Lying to the congregation about the reasons people have left
  • Refusing congregation members to report to the elders
  • Refusing meetings between perpetrators and victims
The BCF/MCF cult essentially shuts down all initiative and activity until the congregation are in a vegetative state of inactivity.

It is a living death.

This is the most ugly, sick, insidious and punitive non-violent cult in existence.

I will refer to it as the 'Messenger Cult' or the 'Satanic Cult of the Vegetative State' from now on.

Post here as usual OR PM me here on Streetcar.

Would anyone here (in addition to me because I will) actually 'go on the record'? Some can't because they will be disowned by family in the CFs. But can anyone else go on the record? I would like 3 others, here in Melbourne for example, to go on the record (possibly with pseudonyms like I will), to testify about their OWN story of abuse during the 1990s-present PLUS someone who can accurately recount the story of Helen Pomeroy in Brisbane.

I will tell my story of the psychological damage of the stolen 25 years of my life and careers and businesses and finances and house and plans and joys and ministries and ALSO summarize another 20 anonymized stories.

But we need 3 other de-anonymized stories (notwithstanding the use of a pseudonym if desired).

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Re: Church Hall Meeting in 2019 on Abuses Committed by Brisbane/Melbourne Christian Fellowship

Post by Thanomere84 » Tue May 28, 2019 1:55 am

I would be glad to help but I'm so far away in Malaysia. Any way it might be done via video conference?

Boundary Rider
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Re: Church Hall Meeting in 2019 on Abuses Committed by Brisbane/Melbourne Christian Fellowship

Post by Boundary Rider » Tue May 28, 2019 11:25 pm

Paul, I think that it is a very good idea, with Melbourne and Brisbane as the two main focus points.

Like Thanomere I am in another State but I'm happy to support you somehow.

What you're suggesting could well be posted on Streetcar in some way to open up getting those real stories shared more widely. It would also stir the possum in Samford Swamp as the trolls still haunt Streetcar, and Vic never wants the real story of what goes on to see the light of day.

Strength and Courage


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