TCF Congregation Buildings and Land

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Faith Hopegood
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TCF Congregation Buildings and Land

Post by Faith Hopegood » Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:04 pm

Hi All,
Does anyone know the situation with the TCF congregation having access to the buildings and land on Old Goombungee Road. I heard recently that the congregation is only able to meet in a small front part of the buildings because council approval was never properly granted for the use of some of the buildings. It seems amazing to me that all those huge buildings could be constructed and used without council approval.

Also, are the land and buildings now owned by TCF or are they owned by The Former Leader?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Re: TCF Congregation Buildings and Land

Post by guest » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:12 am

You are absolutely correct .... the '900 seat' auditorium never obtained a certificate of occupancy. And the work required to obtain one is significant. There was no certificate of occupancy all the time that we had community activities there - (the regional primary schools music camp, with hundreds of students over several days, each year!!).

The congregation now meet in the original new construction opened in 2005 - what is called 'the Chapel'. You can place perhaps 300 chairs in this open area, so it is not really 'small'.

The lack of certificate of occupancy was no secret - it was well known to a wide group of people for many years (how Burton Lane could NOT know the status of local building projects, given that TCF leaders meet with BCF leaders EVERY Tuesday, is beyond belief). The lack of certificate of occupancy will be attributed to the former leaders' mis-management, but a lot of people had to look the other way for this to happen. In fact, prominent businessmen in TCF with building experience, qualification, and professional expertise have refused to be involved in the TCF building projects because their integrity would not let them be a part of such mis-management.

You can imagine the heartache of the people that had contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars, and years of bi-weekly working bees, only to have the auditorium stand empty as testament to the grandiose folly of RFI.

In answer to the second part of your question - land and buildings are owned by Toowoomba Christian Fellowship Incorporated. As is the long standing RFI / AMCA practice, the local congregations can 'own' the properties as long as there is debt associated with them, but once unencumbered, they are gifted to RFI.

Paul Kovaks
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Re: TCF Congregation Buildings and Land

Post by Paul Kovaks » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:19 pm

I wish someone could tell us all what happened to David Falk because at MCF we nearly worshipped him.

He brought such a strong word with such conviction and detailed (ridiculous) outlines for how to put it into action. MCF's young men still lovingly refer to him as 'Falky' and still want to put his ridiculous plans into action and have no idea how fallen he and Vic are.

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