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All Cults Are Not Created Equal


The Colin McEnroe Show

All cults are not created equal. From the wide array of beliefs they teach to the variety of people who're involved, cults are as different from each other as are officially recognized religions.

This hour we'll hear from experts whose relationships to cults are as varied as the cults themselves: From an investigative journalist revisiting the 1978 Jonestown massacre, to a British professor raised in a cult called the Exclusive Brethren, to a Canadian writer still struggling from having left the Hare Krishnas.


Jeff Guinn - Former investigative journalist and author of The Road To Jonestown: Jim Jones And Peoples Temple

Rebecca Stott - Broadcaster, Professor of Literature & Creative writing and author of In The Days of Rain: A Daughter, A Father, A Cult

Eric - Montreal based writer and former member of the Hare Krishnas

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.

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Post by eagles » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:09 am

Gillie wrote:
Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:00 am
All Cults Are Not Created Equal

You know it may be a "my generation thing" or something. But that phrase jumped off the page!

I remember reading two very important books in the life of this thirteen-year-old observer of human society (me) in 1948 which was the year thatauthor George Orwell wrote the sequel called "1984".

The earlier one was "Animal Farm" from where the parallel title to this thread sprang from.

Napoleon (the pig) had organised the farmyard very methodically with himself at the top of the tree. He deposed the real (human) owner of the farm, and installed himself as the Number One fellow.

He had a sign painted on the end of the barn eaves which stated loud and clear what the other animals thought would make sure he did not become a tyrant.

What did the sign say?

"All Animals are Equal"

Things went along smoothly on the surface for a while, and then someone very brave painted a second line of text under the original manifesto, which now said:

"All Animals are Equal
But some are more Equal than others"

Of the two books, at age 13 I felt that the first one, "Animal Farm) was more interesting, and considering it almost seventy years later, I see no reason to change my opinion.

At the time I did not understand "control" and all those other words we throw around now, and here on "Streetcar".

(Maybe It was just things to watch out for when we were young?)

At the age of thirty, in 1965, I came to Australia with wife #1 and sons #2 and a few months later #1 who needed to complete his matric in the "old country first"

All four of us by 1966 become "less equal than others" in a culty regime without realising.



We don't always take things in. I would go so far as to reword that to say "we seldom learn".

So please don't blame yourself for being "conned". We all make mistakes. Each of us is human and imperfect.

And don't blame yourself for encouraging others to follow your mistakes.

Apologise to those you misdirected, yes. But Don't keep apologising.
If you are honest in the apology, others will know.

Repeating your apology will only prolong the GUILT you feel, and that is counter-productive :)


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Good One, Robo! and fits nicely with my post about the latest in "Restoring my Soul" also posted today.

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