What role for churches in 21st century

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What role for churches in 21st century

Post by Bagel » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:45 pm

It’s been stimulating having discussion after Paul K asked about the peculiar, or otherwise, nature of B/MCF doctrine. In the last two weeks I’ve been to several different churches. Two in particular were very welcoming, friendly, caring. They both also ran programs to assist the local marginal communities. One provides a support system, meeting place, and so forth. The other actually provides food as well. 365 days a year!

They seemed to be a completely different ball game compared to the self satisfaction and faux grandeur of swamp people. No fancy double-think, no power games, no victimising and so forth. So, are these churches relevant to what Christianity should be in this day and age? What role does a church have, does it help the vulnerable and the dispossessed or is this just a convenient thing to do to have the appearance of being good citizens?


Paul Kovaks
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Re: What role for churches in 21st century

Post by Paul Kovaks » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:43 pm

A tough question Bagel . .

I was surprised in reading Acts how many times goodness before God includes giving to the poor. So I really do think that is important. Sure today the government does a lot and, as always, many bring poorness on themselves.

It's got to be a balance doesn't it?

As long as we don't forget the main message of the gospel of redemption through the Blood of Christ.

So what is the role of the church?

I'm still a restorationist despite the loss of almost everything including my mind and confidence and career and house to that preposterous MCF place. I think we need to be asking God why we're not seeing more healing and gifts of the Spirit and more godly direction of the church from leadership.

But all in balance. Are we living a godly life? Are we giving thanks? Are we sharing the gospel? Are we helping others? Are we stewarding our lives?

If we are doing that I don't think we or the church are doing much wrong. I'm convinced our main job is to live simple, godly lives. So it must be the job of the church to facilitate that. Just relevant for today's challenges. Now, if God is restoring the church at this end of the age then it can't be at the expense of simple, godly living. And it wont be to 25 years of navel gazing to the extent that we stopped living.

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