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What is Happening at BCF?

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:47 pm
by Faith Hopegood
I thought I would just ask the question, What is Happening at BCF?

I have heard stories (2nd hand) about some possibly major changes in operational and teaching directions in BCF - possibly handed down to the massed sheeple at the annual BCF youth camp in January 2019.

There are stories of leaders and elders being taken off the tithe and told to go and get paying jobs.

There are other indications that BCF, and a lot of other regional fellowships, are possibly suffering a loss in disillusioned congregation numbers due to previous dodgy teaching and maltreatment of people. Part of this reduction in congregation has also been a revelation to either a group of leaders or the congregation members as a whole, about the scale of money grabbing, corruption and activities of a former star messenger dictator from the Hill Country to the west of Brisbane.

Has anyone else heard of these changes of direction at BCF and regional fellowships?

Of course, there are practical self serving implications and assumptions that we can make in all this.
1. There has been a continued reduction in congregation numbers in the various fellowships.
2. This reduction has a direct impact on monies received by the elders in the form of reduced tithes and giving.
3. The logical result is for Vic to save his own skin (and regular income stream) and "get a special revelation from God" to tell the other elders and leaders they are no longer on the tithe and have to fend for themselves.
4. There is also probably an element of realisation that the general false teachings over the past years are now reaping their reward and people are waking up that they have taken for a ride. This has prompted a response from the high eldership to make some teaching/belief changes - again in order to save their skins.
5. It could be we are seeing a tipping point being reached in some of the smaller regional fellowships through out Australia, where they can no longer afford to actually continue as a congregation and reduced to being a local homegroup and being forced to travel long distance to attend "official CF events". The practical effect of this means that all the tithes from these smaller regional fellowship go directly into Vic's coffers in consolidated revenue and Vic is cutting out the middle man in effect!

I truly doubt that any of the above changes are being made due to guilt or regret in the BCF corporate conscience about having been teaching wrong theology of the years. If there is a true change of heart and the BCF leaders are sorry for their historical wrong teaching, I would hope they are following up the people they have caused trouble to in the past and making apologies and amends for their wicked ways.

My cynical side tells me that Vic, being of a general narcissistic and psychopathic nature, will make some token cosmetic changes in order to impress the sheeple but the main reason for the changes is to ensure survival and maintain control.

We shall see if the leopard can change its spots.

Re: What is Happening at BCF?

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:29 pm
by robocop
I would hope they are following up the people they have caused trouble to in the past and making apologies and amends for their wicked ways.
Oh Faith, I really don't expect that Vic would stoop to that level as his puffed-up ego would not allow him to do it. Could we see Vic following in the footsteps of Jesus, and stooping down to wash the feet of his disciples. I think not.

Re: What is Happening at BCF?

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:46 am
by robocop
I thought I would just ask the question, What is Happening at BCF?
Well Faith, I can tell you something that IS happening at BCF with the news that has surfaced that IAN BARLOW has announced his engagement to BRONWYN REYNOLDS. Many of those ex-BCF people will remember Bronwyn as a beautiful girl who used to sing with the group of singers consisting of Kate Wylie/Helen Maguire/Michelle Jensen, and various others back in the 70's and early 80's.

Seems to be another arranged relationship, approved by the hierarchy at BCF.

Re: What is Happening at BCF?

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:15 am
by Bagel
Well I hope that’s good news for them both, be it arranged or otherwise.

But heck, it’s sounding more and more like a police state those people have to live in. Maybe rigid boundaries make some people feel safe? Unfortunately some of us have personalities that are easy targets for the xCF ‘thought police’ and so end up in trouble whether we deserve it or not.


Re: What is Happening at BCF?

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:52 pm
by Faith Hopegood
thanks for the update Robocop.
Bagel, it is true, I wish them both well. It is a good thing to have company and I imagine it would be very hard and lonely to lose your spouse for many decades. I was very saddened when Glady Barlow passed away as I really loved her genuineness and love.