The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

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The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

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Last time, this testimony was deleted due to certain threats issued by certain quarters, of whom I shall no longer name today, in the interest of being a bit more peacable since my conflict is no longer with that person, but once again my attention is chiefly to expose the deception and evil of RFI and mainly, its headquarters in Brisbane.

So, firstly, again, let me introduce myself. I am the adopted son of a Chinese couple from the city of Ipoh, Malaysia. From my youngest years, I belonged to a church by the name of Ipoh Christian Chapel (from hereon referred to as ICC for convenience). My adoptive parents were the pastoral leaders in ICC. From my youngest years I had been trained and taught to place priority on God, and had been brought up in a staunchly Christian family environment.

When I was around 4 years of age, circa 1988, that was the first time I was introduced to Victor 'Vic' Hall a.k.a. The Vicious Hall. At that time, he was just a friendly, unimposing man who seemed to be, to my child's eyes, 'good old Uncle Vic'. He seemed to be friendly, helpful and it seemed that there was never enough he could do for ICC, in helping ICC 'grow deeper in the Word of God' at that time... and so, a firm friendship between him and my parents, as well as many of the ICC workers, was formed. Over the years, this friendship would only deepen further, and he paid many visits to Malaysia, specifically to fellowship with ICC, and also with ICC's offshoot church in the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur, the Kuala Lumpur Christian Chapel (from hereon referred to as KLCC for convenience). Vic sent many of his 'co-workers' as he still called them at that time, to ICC and KLCC too, with some names well-known here too, such as Murray Wylie, Doug Watt, David Falk and Ray Jackson Jr.

Circa 2000, Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall claimed that he perceived a 'calling from God' in me, and tried to push me into becoming a church worker. I lightheartedly dismissed his claims, having absolutely no desire to be a part of church work, and preferring to look to my studies. However, this did not prevent me from continuing to love ICC and being active in its musical department. Some time later, the first signs of Vic being a person that was completely different from the fair image he painted in front of us, began to appear, specifically, in the ABC 'Four Corners' report, where the courageous heroes of Greg Passmore, Helen Pomery and many others rose up to attempt to bring clarity to Vic's true nature. Being young and foolish and thoroughly enamoured of Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall at that time, I rose up to furiously defend him and ranted ferociously against all whom I perceived as 'rebels' and 'opponents of the Word and its messenger'.

So, as time continued to pass, Vic and David Falk continued to entrench their influence firmly in ICC and KLCC. Somewhere down the line, Vic took harshly to me, calling me a 'Libertine' and 'highly undisciplined', due to me showing preference for work out in the world rather than being committed to church work. This persisted for more than a year, until year 2012, when David Falk was sent with a very specific invitation - to me. He requested me once again, to take part in church work, and this time, mellowed by years of experience at the harsh hands of the working world, I accepted. For 3 years... I worked in RFI ministry and was required to regularly give an account of my work to John Hay and David Falk, both of whom would dutifully report to Vic. He seemed pleased by this, probably because he perceived it as an act of 'submission' on my part (and any of you here would agree with me - Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall's favourite drug of choice is submission from his underlings, as it feeds his delusion of being a figure of great power and authority). So the years went by in relative peace. Until 2015.

Everything changed in January 2015. I had been in a relationship with a Christian young lady - a relationship, that unfortunately, caused quite a severe conflict between my parents and myself. In a regretful display of quick-temperedness and furious impulse, I went to Vic in Australia, with a complaint against my parents. Little did I know that this was a window of opportunity that Vic had simply been yearning for. He took my complaint and wielded it as his chief weapon to throw my parents out of leadership... and in the same breath, he and David Falk used a torrent of flattery and persuasion to convince me that I was the best choice for the next full-time leader of ICC and KLCC. In other words, the best choice for 'regional leader of the RFI Malaysia-Singapore region'. And in brutally straightforward words, the happy little puppet of BCF's almighty 'messenger', Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall. His sycophant. His pet hound.

I came back to Malaysia, changed and instilled with arrogance and high-handedness and all the superiority complex that RFI loves to inject into the susceptible minds of its workers and elders. But there was one thing Vic and Falk did not ever guess that I would do - they never guessed that my plans for reformation included connecting to other churches and other pastoral organisations. I wanted to end the exclusivity and end the isolation style that RFI had transformed my church into. Naturally, Vic took severe offense to this, and chided me on it. He expected me to not be interested in mingling with what he called 'the churches of Babylon' and 'the churches of the Antichrist'. I did not bow to his demands, but persisted. That caused him to concoct his diabolical plan to cast me down.

On March 2nd, 2015... Vic called me to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, away from my hometown of Ipoh. He deviously asked me down there, knowing that being isolated from my support base and the people I knew well, would weaken my resolve and remove some of the steel from my willpower. Once I arrived there, I was put through a brutal round of verbal butchery. Vic branded me as 'psychologically damaged', as 'severely feminised' and 'requiring much help'. I was commanded to make a choice - to go to Australia to undergo 3 months of 'psychological reconstruction', or to recover over the duration of 1 year in Malaysia. NOTE: There was ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION GIVEN TO ME OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF EITHER CHOICE. I was only presented with the choice.

I told Vic that Malaysia is my home country, and I would recover better here. He probably expected me to make that answer, because upon doing so, he promptly gave me another round of butchery - I was stripped of all my ministry and thrown out of the full time work. All the while this was happening, the KLCC pastor was there. That pastor was my close friend, a man I considered as a good uncle to me. He said nothing. Just sat there silently, watching me getting torn to pieces in front of him.

I left the hotel in KL, stunned senseless. But only for a moment - as soon as my senses rallied, I quickly arranged to meet with the ICC workers, in an attempt to prevent the loss of my ministry. However, that slight delay when I was stunned was all that Vic needed to damage my reputation irreversibly. The KLCC pastor had already distributed lopsided 'transcripts' of the meeting in KL... twisted and modified to portray me as a ruthless, loud-mouthed and rebellious worker who had my own agenda and was utterly rude, overbearing and even bullying towards Vic, who was doubtlessly portrayed as the poor innocent well-meaning messenger.

I came back to ICC, to a church completely and utterly changed. I had never, and I repeat, NEVER felt SO lonely and abandoned in my life. The degree of shunning was brutal and complete. My own uncle, who once had nothing but smiles, praise, back-pats and encouragement for me, now pelted me with shouting, verbal degradation, accusations and all other manner of oral assault. My cousin, once my faithful disciple and the one I planned to train as my assistant in running the church, turned his back on me and refused to speak to me any further, claiming I had 'ruined the good relationship with lies'. My home group leader went and told other home group members not to trust me, that I had become 'very political' and 'very adept at manipulating the emotions of others for my own advantage'. Children ignored me... the very same children who once flocked to me, whose parents asked them to learn from me. The youths who once looked to me as their mentor, kept their distance. The adults, who were once warm and friendly people I thought of as my God-given family, were colder than even strangers.

Three weeks of the abuse brought me to my knees and dragged me to the edge of a mental and spiritual breakdown. I fled... and praise God, I was led to a wonderful, new and better church. A church where there was no iron fist, just welcoming hands. A church where there was no judgment, only caring and kindness. A church were there were no disapproving glares, but encouraging smiles. A church where cell groups did not exist to continue rigid discussions, but where cell groups existed to strengthen bonds and connect members closer to each other - as Christ intended them to be. And in this church... I found recovery. In this church... youth ministry, music ministry, everything I lost slowly came back to my hands. And now - I am the pastoral intern for this church.

This is my story. I write it not with bitterness or vengeful intent anymore - God knows indeed, the first time I wrote it, I was full of fury. But now I write it to warn all of you BCF-loving people out there - Vic's not the benevolent person you think you know him to be. He is a vicious man. He is Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall. I have been under his murderous disapproval just once, and I assure you, if you find yourself under his 'discipline', it's the type of thing that breaks people. Take heed, my friends... get out of there. Don't let yourself be dragged on in blind fanaticism - like I did. Don't wait until the butcher's knife falls on you before you realise your mistake... like I did.
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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

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I came back to ICC, to a church completely and utterly changed. I had never, and I repeat, NEVER felt SO lonely and abandoned in my life. The degree of shunning was brutal and complete.

Only those who have been subjected to this level of violence would know what it's like to be so despised and hated by those you loved and trusted. Even though I know you have recovered Thanomere, I still hope and pray you will continue to receive comfort, strength and healing after what you have suffered. You have my deepest compassion.
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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

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I'm really thrilled to hear that you finally got out. How is your relationship with your parents now (or did I miss that)?
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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

Post by Thanomere84 »

Relationships with my parents have been fully recovered. My wife is also on good terms with them. God has shown His healing presence in my family.
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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

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So pleased to hear this good news, Thanomere :) ;)

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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

Post by robocop »

Thank you Thanomere for re-posting your Testimony. I had missed it in the previous Streetcar, so thank you again for posting.
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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

Post by eagles »

So glad that you have been able to put all that anger behind you that you previously had, my brother in Christ.

Anger actually achieves so little, and while momentarily (very short-term) can be helpful in opening our eyes to "untruth", is highly destructive (in the longer run) of one's perspective of life.

I remember someone once said that the gospel was for "living" - forget who now. Probably not important, lol!

Glad to have been reunited, mate.

A personal viewpoint is that I believe it is important that each of us get re-established in a relationship with others who have also seen for themselves that it is so easy to get sidetracked into believing what we are told from the pulpit without testing it against what the Word actually says.

I used to preach on a rotating roster (that's a tautology lol) in a CMA church and regularly made that point having been snared by gurus myself.

I love that OT saying that found its way into liturgies - from Numbers chapter 6;

"The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.
The Lord lift up the light of His countenance to youand be gracious upon you,
And give you His peace",

and before we say "amen", let us remember the whole hymn written in the 1870's by Horatio Spafford wherein he states...

"Peace, like a river, attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
What ever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul"

Amen, friends

For they who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up with wings, as eagles;
They shall walk and not be weary,
They shall run and shall not faint.

eagles, in South Australia, Where they fly backwards to keep the dust out of their eyes!
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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

Post by Charity »

Hello to all of the Streetcar writers. I am really happy that my application to join Streetcar was accepted, so thank you to Dante and BR. what a wonderful opportunity it is to be able to write on here and endeavour to help people who have been used and abused by people who are running churches and cult-like churches.

My story is similar to some of the stories I have read here, but possibly not as extreme, as I chose to end my membership when, after the older generation died off, I no longer had the protection of a Pastor (so to speak). I found that other elders were put into power that did not really know me and did not care how they treated me. I was finding tht they were making up stories about me and confronting me with these false stories. What had been a fantastic church turned into a nightmare of a church overnight. I mentioned (warned) one elder that if that type of treatment continued that "I was out of there". Not that they were worried about that, as we had just been warming a pew for 10 years or more and we weren't tithe payers as we preferred to work in the church instead of paying tithes. A lot of wasted years went by (without paying tithes) and I'm glad we didn't pay them tithes as we felt they didn't deserve it anyway. The doctrine changed and most weeks we went home confused when we lined it up with what was preached in the past. We came to the conclusion that it was a load of rubbish.

The difference between the older deceased elders and the new generation elders was so vast that it was like a completely different church. they manipulated, manoeuvred, set us up and orchestrated scenarios like you wouldn't believe, and when you were caught in their trap, you got hammered from the pulpit in front of the whole church. Everyone in leadership would turn around and look at us. It was so obvious who it was meant for. When this started happening my humanity started a downward spin into confusion, depression and anger, and I was forced into leaving as I knew I would die if I stayed just one more week in that horrible place. Just recently one of the elders who I bumped into unexpectedly was being quite friendly until he said "Do you remember when you were sitting outside and you said............ Well, quite honestly, I couldn't remember anything negative at all...someone had twisted my words. I'm quite sure they dream these things that they say and act on a dream! there can be no other expxlanation! So here again I was being judged and I had left many years prior. I was tired of the lack of Pastoring in that church. It was just judgment after judgment.

But, thanks to all the Streetcar folks for their excellent counselling. I have recovered from all the negative stuff that was dished out to me in my past life, have moved on, and God's done some amazing things in our lives and taken us places that are so wonderful one can't imagine! Things that could never have taken place if we had stayed in RFI/MCF/BCF as there is absolutely no room for anyone else's ministry but their own. In the early years I was told that I had a ministry and I was able to use it, but when the next generation of elders took over, one of the highest ranking elders told me I had no ministry and shook his head while he was saying it as if he was totally convinced by that idea. Well, since I've been out of there I've been told many times over and over again, that I have a ministry. Which church is right?
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Re: The Rewritten Testimony of a Former Favoured Agent of Victor Hall

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Hullo Charity!

So good to read your testimony of what has happened and how you are coming to terms with it.


May I assume you are a lady?

If I'm wrong BR will put me straight!!

Remembering the three Gloster Gladiator biplane fighters who helped earn the island and citizens of Malta the decoration of the George Cross in World War 2
Faith, Hope and Charity

In contemporary English...
Faith, Hope and Love....

"And the greatest of these is?"

Of course, it is love!

I'll share a story another time about that, which is part of my testimony of whom Christ is to me.

Hope to catch up again very soon, but would like to spin a "cautionary tale" then about rushing in (as it is said "where angels fear to tread" (grin)

I've had my share of cults involvement personally, in many places where you would be surprised. It's NOT just in the name after all.

God bless you, sir or ma'am

South australia
where the crows fly backwards to keep the dust out of their eyes!
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