What do YOU think is CORRECT (& not well acknowledged by others) in the MCF/BCF teachings/culture?

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Re: What do YOU think is CORRECT (& not well acknowledged by others) in the MCF/BCF teachings/culture?

Post by Paul Kovaks » Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:27 pm

For some reason I didn't get alerts from your replies folks!

Thanks for your replies.

I think I can say I agree with much of what you've all said.

1. Eschatology
The pattern of a creative & redemptive week of history still makes sense to Jeff Hammond, myself and my creation scientist father.

Of course it was always slightly crazy trying to calculate dates (given ' no one knows the day or the hour') but you'd be nuts not to try with a simple formula like that (especially if you're techy) and especially given (1) Daniel's prophecy which seems to predict the 1st coming to within a few years accuracy & (2) predicting a year is not a day or hour anyway.

As a teenager I calculated that it was either 1970, 2000 or 2030 depending on whether using Jewish years or not and whether we started at Christ's birth or death. The 2030 date always made the most sense measured using normal years (since the Jews added 13th months anyway of course and starting from Christ's death) and still witnesses to me (+- X years for calendar inaccuracy and God's delays etc).

Sounds fearful but we need to be ready for HIm any day anyway. I hated that people used it to tell people not to study or buy houses or get married or have kids. That always disgusted me.

The Daniel thing about 'cut off in the midst of the week' always made sense too (giving Christ's ministry in 2x 3.5 year periods matching Rev).

Then of course there's the issue of what happens at the 'date'. The 2nd coming or a whole series of beginnings of the end that might span decades. Who knows, although if the 'space of half an hour in heaven' in Rev which might be the Day of Atonement equates (in 1000 year day measures) to a possible additional 21 year period. Who knows.

The import thing is it's LIKELY to be near and we need to always be ready. It doesn't matter if we get it wrong because the disciples thought it was in THEIR time! And Jesus even let them think it too because they had their own trials as the early church and the 70AD sacking of Jerusalem. We're certainly in an unprecedented time of godlessness.

2. Culture
Some of the early culture in home groups was true priesthood of all believers. Then Vic destroyed it completely.

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