MCF is the Satanic Church of the Vegetative State.

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Paul Kovaks
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MCF is the Satanic Church of the Vegetative State.

Post by Paul Kovaks » Sat Mar 23, 2019 2:44 pm

Sorry for the banality and shocking words, but this is my new name for Melbourne Christian Fellowship and BCF after what they did to my family and scores of other families.

"The Satanic Church of the Vegetative State"

That describes them perfectly.

A church that made you think it was a church of 'fellowship of all believers' that ultimately banned you from thinking or contributing ANYTHING unless it perfectly lined up with their latest book.

Most importantly it banned you from making ANY moves in your life - including career, ministry, business and hobbies - that you couldn't fully justify to the elders. So you sat for 5 . . 10 . . 15 . . 20 . . 25 years second guessing yourself DOING NOTHING! All you could do was HOPE that YOUR elder MAGICALLY asked you to do something. Or RELEASED you from something he had banned you from.

People would look at you strangely if at a home group meeting you said 'I got a lot out of reading Psalm 149'. The only thing we could say at the last 25 YEARS of HGs was how the current word has impacted us!

Nothing else would do.

So in the last 25 years of Wednesday nights I can only remember two occasions where we deviated from this format.

Nobody could have any plans for their life or business or career or their ministry.

None. Everything had to be drip-fed to the elders until they OKed it.

In reality, almost all of us, have our little revelations of what would be 'cool' to do next in our life almost in complete form. We get it and think, wow, I want to do that! But at MCF, forget it!

Ray Jackson Jnr told me that you don't try and benefit the world through your business. You don't hope to make extra to donate it to charities etc or have a philanthropic arm. And of course 'no man can start a business unless an elder ASKS him to'. And I was told I was not allowed to think about science and technology. While elders children ran huge AV events with scantily-clad cheering girls or provided body-building foods. Yeah that's what the world really needs Steve and Sean. Let's do more of that. And give the overflow straight to the elders for their cars and holidays.

Ministry. Ambition. Plans. Career. Entrepreneurial. Self-made.
These were all dirty words.
Add 'thinking' to it.

We lived the life of 'The Satanic Church of the Vegetative State' for 25-35 years.

Everyone there is in a vegetative state, sitting, aging, getting grey.

And they will never do ANYTHING EVER for themselves, Christ or ANYONE else.

Just remember the poor couple who were told they were UNWORTHY for singing and playing organ at old age homes.

MCF is utterly SATANIC.
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Re: MCF is the Satanic Church of the Vegetative State.

Post by Thanomere84 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:01 pm

Not just MCF, brother. Not just MCF. MCF is like this because the evil tip of the pyramid over in Brisbane has made this the 'default setting' for all churches in the network. My example is a clear one.

Shortly after I took charge at my own RFI 'branch' here in Ipoh, back in 2015 (which would sadly last only 6 weeks) I decided I wanted to fellowship with the rest of the churches here in Ipoh. So I joined an inter-church pastors' fellowship meeting. Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall, who happened to be in Ipoh at that time, heard of it and summoned me to his hotel. He proceeded to unleash an hour's worth of lecturing on me, and gave me a long harangue about how 'the lampstand church established by Christ' should have nothing, and he meant NOTHING AT ALL, to do with the 'churches of Babylon' and 'churches of the antichrist'.

I stood up to him, gently but with a firm stand. I made it clear I wanted to fellowship with them in Word, and learn from their strengths, and perhaps share how to help them overcome their weaknesses. I also made it clear that if they were 'wrong' as how he saw them, perhaps we could help them, and if someday we went wrong, they could help us.

I will never forget how Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall reacted to that.

His face contorted into a hideous mask of, dare I say, DEMONIC rage. Yes... for one moment, his eyes widened, his teeth gritted together, he looked like someone who would've gladly murdered me and not given it a second thought. But it was only for a split second.

The next moment everything relaxed into that icy cool mask that he likes to wear, and with a small smile he said, 'Well, then, the matter is at your own discretion. Though I honestly believe that by mingling with these churches, it is nothing but a waste of your time and energy.' Little did I know... that even as he was saying those words, he was already plotting my downfall and planning how to engineer it that I should be made into a complete villain in the eyes of those whom I loved and trusted.

Paul Kovaks
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Re: MCF is the Satanic Church of the Vegetative State.

Post by Paul Kovaks » Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:53 am

I don't doubt it Than.

I appreciate that Vic and BCF are the origin of MCF's complete slide into being the SCotVS.

And 'thanks' for another saddening insight into Vic though.
It explains a lot.

Faith Hopegood
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Re: MCF is the Satanic Church of the Vegetative State.

Post by Faith Hopegood » Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:33 pm

Thanks for sharing that detailed description of the incident Thanomere.

It is very telling that for a brief second you saw the contorted demonic face that was quickly covered with the smile. This fits very neatly with Pauls K's description of the Satanic Church of Vegetative State. How many times have we (the congregation and people who have left) seen this dreadful revealing of what really lies at the truth of the CF elders nature. Even within a split second you saw the malevolent mind of Vic Hall at work - the pure evil of the wolf revealed for a split second to be covered up by the face of smiling deceitful shepherd.

For reference to find out what is the Godly truth of the matter, we need to refer to the scriptures. How does this behaviour fit with the fruits of the spirit? How does this fit with the picture of the servant shepherd washing the feet of the flock as our dear Lord Jesus taught us to do?

In a split second, the psychopathic nature of Vic Hall was truly revealed about how he instantly planned your demise in that instant and then covered with with a second hand car salesman's smile.

I have heard of other instances like this where the true nature of the CF elders was revealed in all its malevolence. There is the well documented instance of Murray Wylie turning up a the house of a long term BCF couple (who were related to Vic & Lorraine) and screaming and yelling at them not to come to church any more. Apparently, Mad Muzza's face actually turned purple I was told by the couple!

Then there is the stories of David Falk in Toowoomba losing the plot and swearing and screaming at the young adults and teenagers at a youth group meeting once evening. I was told by a former Toowoomba leader, who was present at the time, that Falky just completely lost it and went off on a foul mouthed expletive laden rant! And against young impressionable teens and youth whom the parents implicitly trusted into the care of the TCF leadership. Just tragic.

I am sure there are other examples out there as well. But the thing is this. If these men were truly lovers of Christ, lovers of the sheep and true shepherds of the flock, they would no more behave in this manner than fly to the moon, because it simply would not be in their heart or nature to conduct themselves in such an abhorrent way and harm the sheep. Therefore the answer is truly laid bare before us for all to see - these men are not truly lovers of Christ and are not true shepherds. They never said sorry to the people they hurt, there were no apologies, there was no effort of reconciliation or restoration. Not once did these men ever go and ask forgiveness for their aberrant behaviour. There was only ever an intention in their hearts to destroy people - God's people, the gentle meek sheep who followed the shepherd.

Paul Kovaks
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Re: MCF is the Satanic Church of the Vegetative State.

Post by Paul Kovaks » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:19 am

Yep, Faith, thnx. Sad to hear that even about Murray.

I've seen Richard Kaa and even Dan Burkette go loopy too.

They think it's righteous anger.

Paul Kovaks
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Re: MCF is the Satanic Church of the Vegetative State.

Post by Paul Kovaks » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:33 pm

What can be more Satanic (and yet non-violent) than locking-up people for DECADES to DOING NOTHING!

That is the ultimate crime of this SUPER-SICK group of lunatic elders.

Ray. Cliff. Vic. Richard I & II. Gary. David. Bob. Dan. Laurie. Keith. Falk. Murray.

For goodness sake.

You are sick and lost. And blind as bats.

You will never find the perfection you seek.

You have DESTROYED scores of families.

HUNDREDS of people.

The repentance required is ENORMOUS.

You will need to spend the last 5 or 10 or 15 years of your lives apologising to people.

You MURDERED people's LIVES by not letting them DO ANYTHING except attend your USELESS meetings in which you repeated the same abusive teachings about control for 25 years. 100 different ways to say the same thing.

And you finished (for me) in 2016 with the wonderful statement:
Do not steward your ministry. Just do what your admin leader tells you to do.
That's when I knew you were full-on Satanic.

You actually preached, from the pulpit, to DO NOTHING.

Of course it's what you preached for 25 years.

You got so concerned about 'dead works' that you decided it was better for EVERYONE other than Vic to DO NOTHING.

But you know what? Vic and you guys did NOTHING for 25 years too.

You paraded in a circle like the Israelites in the wilderness and preached the same pointless, Satanic CRAP for 25 years.

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