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The ABC has renewed "God of broken Hearts" from 4 Corners, first posted in 2008

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2022 2:58 pm
by Boundary Rider
Despite 3 attempts by Vic's trolls since 2009 to shut down Streetcar and suppress the original posting of "God of broken Hearts" from June 2008 when it was shown on 4 Corners, I have been advised today that the ABC has restored the link to it so that today's new generation of young people in particular have the chance to see what Vic has suppressed for 15 years.

It definitely helped many to see the truth of what BCF and the Restoration Fellowships International (Australasia) was really like behind close doors, and I hope will do so again.

Here is the link: See: --- ... s/13767122

Stay safe and keep the faith