Who Do The Christian Fellowship Really Worship?

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Faith Hopegood
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Who Do The Christian Fellowship Really Worship?

Post by Faith Hopegood » Tue May 04, 2021 1:38 pm

Hello all,
I have been pondering the issue of worshipping and giving glory to God and what actions actually happen in any church service of any particular congregation of denomination.

In most mainstream churches, there is a specific focus on the "worship service" as being a time when the congregation actually worships God together. This may have different forms and flavours but the focus is the same - giving glory to God and thanking God for His Son Jesus as our Saviour.

I wish to compare this focus of worship in mainstream churches with what actually happens in the Christian Fellowship sunday church meeting. I would argue there is plenty of evidence to support the argument that the focus of the Christian Fellowship worship is actually worshipping the star messenger (the leaders and elders) and also worshipping the administration of the lamb - the church leadership and administration. In effect their focus of worship is NOT giving glory to God and His Son Jesus but giving thanks for the various eldership revelations, the present word and specifically "The one administration of the lamb" to quote some words from a BCF worship song. This is supported by the gnostic teachings of the CF and "special revelation" or "special knowledge" that the CF leadership claims to have and this differentiates them from all other mainstream churches and puts the Christian Fellowship at a "level above" every other denomination (thus appealing to pride).

Also, now that the Christian Fellowship groups have removed Communion from their church services, speaks to a further drift from the Gospel.

If you go through all the words of the songs that are sung, you will see there is a very strong focus on administration, star messenger, special word etc and the Salvation offered by Christ is minimised and Giving Glory directly to God is also minimised.

I would also argue that, if the leaders and congregation of the fellowship actually understood and realised the wonderful power of the salvation message in the Gospels, they would not have to resort to "special revelations" as a foundational component of their teachings.

I am happy to be corrected on this but this has been my observation of fellowship worship over many years.

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