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Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:49 pm
by Paul Kovaks
I agree 100% FH.

I think the message we have to take from the XCF experiment is that if you are going to propose new teachings then make sure you:
1. Don't drop the rest of Christianity
2. Don't get puffed up

INstead, if you've got some revelation or Biblical-based correction, I suggest you:
1. Get on with normal Christianity
2. Try it out in small doses
3. Get others to confirm what you've found
4. Let its benefit be judged by its fruit
5. Don't be dogmatic

The XCF disaster is really an example of huge, multigenerational megalomania.


Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:36 pm
by Boundary Rider
Amen to both of you, Paul and Faith.



Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 11:13 am
by Faith Hopegood
Hi All Streetcar readers,
Hope you are all well and the Lord is protecting and blessing you and your family.

There hasn't been much activity on Streetcar lately so I just thought I would do a quick post to reminder people.

The whole Christian Fellowship group of churches (also known as RFI - Restoration Fellowships International) , whether it be Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Emerald are basically a Gnostic group of churches that dresses itself up as an independent Christian Church. The unhealthy group dynamics means all these churches and their leaders act in the same way as cults. They use the same techniques of control which are dressed up in christian/biblical terminology. Sadly this group also changes their common definitions of words and theological concepts.

Here is an example from the website of Adelaide CF run by David Hall at West Lakes Christian Fellowship.
Every person has the dignity of making an individual response to God’s word. Hearing and obeying are actions of faith that should be given freely. Our response to God's word is never coerced.
The fact is that life and membership of any of the Christian Fellowship churches is nearly the exact opposite of the above statement.
People do not have the dignity of an individual response. Pressure is brought to bear on both individuals and family members to comply.
The pressure is sometimes overt, but most often subtle and poisonous. The effect if destruction, shunning and family breakdown and quite often, people leaving their Christian walk with Christ.
Nothing is freely given in the fellowship, everything has to be worked for. They do not believe in salvation by grace and faith. They do believe you will be saved by obedience to elders and saved by works such as regular attendance at every church service and activity. When people chose not to attend a specific activity or function, then those people are questioned by leaders, elders and friends as to their real commitment. Doubts are expressed as to the true commitment of the person to serving God. People are told that they when they leave the fellowship to attend a non-fellowship church, then their salvation is in doubt. Thus they believe that the only and true salvation occurs when you attend and stay connected to the Christian Fellowship AND obey leaders and elders unquestionably.
Their response of God's word is ALWAYS coerced. There are threats to break up family, jobs, and every aspect of your life. In this area, they are no different to the dreadful poisonous cult known as the Exclusive Brethren. The list of destroyed families would now extend into the thousands.

Stay safe and be aware. Read your bible and pray and ask God to direct you by the Holy Spirit into Biblical truth.