7 Signs of an abusive leader

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7 Signs of an abusive leader

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Here's another recent video for the library. I think it's a good reference for determining if there is genuine spiritual abuse in a church. Michael Brown gives his seven signs of an abusive leader. If you're short on time, skip the first three minutes and listen for 10 minutes. But it's worth listening to the whole show if you have a spare hour.

https://www.youtube.com/live/jhpeJbvuPh ... DcZOZD5Zpa

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do the leaders put you under pressure (with embarrassment or threats) if you don't unquestioningly follow their 'lead' or, worst of all, contemplate leaving? I.e. Are you honestly able to question them? Do they tell you that bad things will happen if you leave? If so, that is a GIANT danger sign!
  • Are they getting rich off your giving? Especially sacrificial giving. The ministry is not a way to get rich! It's one thing to give generously, but you should know, without question, that the funds you give are being used judiciously.
  • Are they Lording it over you rather than leading by example? If a leader has to 'discipline' people to let them know they are the 'top guy' with all the spiritual discernment, then there's something wrong. A leader should be serving.
  • Do they constantly speak about their gift, anointing and authority? It's one thing to understand the calling of God. But it's another to continually refer to any special anointing (in the CF case, it's the 'word of the messenger' or the like).
  • Do they tell you how privileged you are to have someone like them in the church?
  • Are they lone rangers who don't have genuine accountability? If the main Paster is caught in financial abuse or moral issues, does the board have a structure that can call him to account? [I would add, or is he a lone ranger surrounded by a bunch of yes-men?]
  • Are they harsh, mean-spirited, short-tempered and insulting to anyone whose allegiance they question?
Dr Brown's advice:
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to pray about moving elsewhere.
  • If you answered yes to two of these questions, you should strongly consider leaving.
  • If you answered yes to three of these questions, Brown seriously urges you to make a change before you or your family get seriously hurt.
  • If you answered yes to all these questions, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!
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Re: 7 Signs of an abusive leader

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This was excellent, thank you guest!
I highly recommend this video.
Unfortunately, my experience was YES to all
- except the finance one.
Others would include that one maybe, but I can’t comment.
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Re: 7 Signs of an abusive leader

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Thankyou guest of an excellent post.

Yep, big ticks for each one of those points for every Christian Fellowship Group. Certainly Vic Hall and previous leadership from Toowoomba had strong ticks in every box.
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