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Re: Shunning

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Am I Converted?

In the midst of the corruption and abuses within BCF, Ian Barlow told me, “I worshipped the God of my own imagination.” He then went on to proclaim that they, (the elders), worshipped ‘the true God.’

This declaration completely undermined any confidence, faith or assurance I had that I was saved. I fell silent under the burden of the accusations and judgements the elders pronounced over me.

Every aspect of who I was and what I did, in service to my husband and children, was criticised. I was accused, condemned, punished and finally, caste out.

Today, I am thanking God for a sermon preached last Sunday, over two decades after those condemning words uttered by Ian Barlow.

The minister, asked the question, “do you worship the God of your own imagination?”

I don't think I've heard those words at any time in the past twenty years.

I have faced this question of my salvation repeatedly over the years. It terrified me at first because in my mind, I believed the lies. Now, I pray the Spirit will continue to challenge me in regard to, “who is my God?”

The minister asked us to consider this question:
“Am I converted?”

He then went on to look at Saul’s conversion and he provided us with three different marks of conversion.

1. Confronted by Christ.
2. Broken by Christ.
3. Embraced by Christ.

If you wish to hear the sermon simply go to YouTube Hervey Bay Presbyterian Church. Sunday June 2, 2024.

My point in sharing this is quite profound.

BCF condemned me under their superior doctrines. Their ‘headship gospel’ gave
the elders’ license to minister death to myself and my family.

It was and still is, religion by the law / a gospel that ‘saves’ by moral compliance / it is condemnation, judgement and exclusion, with justified rejection and hatred by many.

When God confronts us, it is still devastating and crushing. We are broken and bought to our knees in acknowledgment of our fallenness. However, by the grace of God, He meets us just as we are and offers us the embrace of acceptance, in forgiveness and love.

Conversion is not about a moral structure / self-righteous morality / superior doctrines / or a man-made gospel of headship.

Salvation is by grace.

So what’s the difference between the people who claim to preach salvation by the law of sin and death, and those who preach salvation by grace?

I’ve lived under both doctrines and believe me the difference is beyond description. One is religion, with associated laws and crushing condemnation; the other is, a relationship with the Son of God who ministers forgiveness and freedom.

Ian Barlow told me he didn’t think I could ever be saved! That damning pronouncement meant there was no hope for me to recover from my sin or live in the love of God.

Today, I know that salvation by grace means I can accept the truth about myself. I can know an assurance not because it’s manufactured in my head, but because Jesus Christ came to earth; lived, died and now lives forever.

I am deeply grateful and humbled because I can now answer with humility and confidence - who I am, in Christ!

This is not a statement of faith that can be challenged or disputed by the Eldership at BCF, for I am who Jesus Christ has predestined me to be, by His amazing love, grace and His willing sacrifice.

(If you wish to hear the sermon simply go to YouTube Hervey Bay Presbyterian Church. Sunday June 2, 2024.)

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Re: Shunning

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This is the gospel Helen! Beautifully said ☺️
I am so glad you are being embraced by such a genuinely loving community who are helping to confirm and establish you in the truth about the nature and essence of God.

(What wicked lies you’re having to cast off)
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Re: Shunning

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We Are Saved

“….Who saved us and called us to a holy calling.”

2 Timothy 1 : 9

The apostle uses the perfect tense and says, "who saved us." Believers in Christ Jesus are saved. They are not looked upon as people who are in a hopeful state and may ultimately be saved, but they are already saved. Salvation is not a blessing to be enjoyed upon our dying bed and to be sung of in a future state above, but a matter to be obtained, received, promised, and enjoyed now.

The Christian is perfectly saved in God's purpose; God has ordained him to salvation, and that purpose is complete. He is saved also as to the price that has been paid for him: "It is finished" was the cry of the Savior before He died. The believer is also perfectly saved in His covenant Head, for as he fell in Adam, so he lives in Christ.

This complete salvation is accompanied by a holy calling. Those whom the Savior saved upon the cross are in due time effectually called by the power of God the Holy Spirit to holiness: They leave their sins; they endeavor to be like Christ; they choose holiness, not out of any compulsion, but from the power of a new nature, which leads them to rejoice in holiness just as naturally as when previously they delighted in sin. God neither chose them nor called them because they were holy, but He called them that they might be holy, and holiness is the beauty produced by His workmanship in them.

The excellencies that we see in a believer are as much the work of God as the Atonement itself. In this way the fullness of the grace of God is beautifully displayed. Salvation must be of grace, because the Lord is the author of it: And what motive but grace could move Him to save the guilty? Salvation must be of grace because the Lord works in such a manner that our righteousness is forever excluded. Such is the believer's privilege—a present salvation; such is the evidence that he is called to it—a holy life.

Truth For Life
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June 12, 2024
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Re: Shunning

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Believers in Christ Jesus are saved!
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Re: Shunning

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He Sets An Open Door

….”Who opens and no one will shut.”

Revelation 3: 7

Jesus is the keeper of the gates of paradise, and before every believing soul He sets an open door, which no man or devil will be able to close.

What joy it will be to find that faith in Him is the golden key to the everlasting doors.

My soul, do you carry this key close to you, or are you trusting in some dishonest locksmith who will fail you in the end?

C. H. Spurgeon
Truth For Life
June 15, 2024

I seem to be quoting Spurgeon a lot recently.

I was impressed by the assurance contained in these thoughts:

He sets an open door, which no man or devil will be able to close.

Please Do Not Trust the dishonest locksmith who lies to you and tells you, he doesn’t think you can be saved!!!!
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