Why Streetcar??

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Re: Why Streetcar??

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Hope4 wrote: Thu May 04, 2023 11:03 am Hi guest,
What user name were you trying to get registered?

The admin have so many trolls and scams it’s impossible to sort out the real people.
Sorry for the hassle, I didn't realise you were so popular :)

I've just tried to register with the name Dexter. Nothing to do with the TV show. It just means "right-handed". 👋
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Re: Why Streetcar??

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I have been out of the system for a few years and, while I don't consider myself to have fully recovered, I sincerely don't have an axe to grind anymore (by God's grace, not my effort).

Having said that, after posting here recently I wondered if part of the reason for my slow recovery has been an inability to articulate my experience, despite many good friends offering sympathy and their best advice over the years. Add to that the persistent thought, "What if they (BCF/RFI) were right?"

It seems that leaving the prison is only half the battle. One must still build a new life in the 'real' world. And if we are truly made in the image of our Father, perhaps speaking is an important factor in determining our future outside the prison. [Genesis 1:3]

I believe that the Scriptures are true, and as such I believe that it is critical to forgive my abusers. [Matthew 6:12,14; Luke 6:28] I also believe that it is important to give credit where it is due; the sins of Jesus' murderers are documented in Scripture for our benefit even though He forgave them. [Luke 23:34] I don't think it is without honour to document some of the abuses and misleadings I suffered at the hands of certain perpetrators because it may benefit someone else to read my testimony.

For example, one thing the RFI leaders did marvellously was teach me to suppress my voice. At one point, I and the young adults group I was with were told sternly by an elder, in no uncertain terms, that we were "not to have an opinion about anything" (exact words to the best of my memory). I can't speak for anyone else present, but like a fool I accepted the challenge. Let me assure you, that instruction alone is dangerous enough to ruin a perfectly good life*.

*I mean that in the colloquial sense. [Psalm 53:3; Romans 3:12; Mark 10:18; etc] ;)

I don't want to bore you all to tears, so I'll over-and-out here, but hopefully there's some benefit to me writing this. I was encouraged by a Christian psychologist not long ago, that there is power in sharing our testimonies, not just for ourselves but for the sake of others. And if I'm not mistaken (I'm not a Bible scholar so I may be mistaken) it is also an effective end-time military strategy. [Revelation 12:10-11]

P.S. I hope the Bible references don't come across as excessive or condescending. You never know who's reading; maybe they'll find them useful.
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Re: Why Streetcar??

Post by Hope4 »

Dexter said, that added to his/ her recovery was the persistent thought,

"What if they (BCF/RFI) were right?"

I do understand this problem. Thought reform is incredibly powerful to implant lies, heresy, condemnation and fear into our brains.

For me, only time and God’s grace healed my mind of such lies and fears. Education was important too. We must not remain ignorant of the tactics used against us. When we understand the manipulation, the control and the treachery, then God helps us to sort out error from truth.

I no longer question whether BCF have the truth.

God is love and those men who claim eldership rights to rule and dominate DO NOT show an attitude of love and humble service to those in their care!

This is merely my experience but I can testify that God has removed all fear and doubts about the BCF doctrine and dogma.

In the end, it’s not what we say that gives glory to God but it’s how we treat others.

Shunning is cruel, heartless and evil and does not give glory to God even if the BCF members claim they do it ‘in love’ .
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Re: Why Streetcar??

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Hi Hope 4,
I've really appreciated the posts which you and Dexter have contributed recently, and the resilience you show in dealing with moving out of the BCF universe.

When you say "In the end, it’s not what we say that gives glory to God but it’s how we treat others" you have really got it right as Jesus Himself said the same after the resurrection when commissioning his followers in John 13: 34-35 "34 A new commandment I give you:- Love one another. As I have loved you, so you also must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.” .... Berean Standard Bible

That Love is conspicuously absent in the BCF universe.

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