Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: xCF victim and Victor Hall? A perfect analogy?

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: xCF victim and Victor Hall? A perfect analogy?

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Good day once again to all my fellow Streetcar members. Now that my hectic schedule has relaxed somewhat, I've had time to look at the news (so much negativity! So much pessimism! But the Lord upholds us. ;) ) and something that attracted my attention was the much-publicised Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial.

As I looked upon the trial and the arguments from the beginning until the recent closing statements, it struck me that the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard situation seems so much like an analogy, a comparable example of how Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall and his chosen lieutenants and brutes treat unfortunate, well-intentioned Christian victims, while shamelessly and in a most vile and narcissistic manner portraying themselves as the poor unfortunate 'persecuted true church'.

Let's look at a few interesting similarities (yes, I am quite firmly on Team Depp, but only because I've heard and read all the arguments and reports and observed videos of the court process and Amber disgusts me through and through):

1. Amber squeezed Johnny for money, made him give her friends and relatives free lodging, and extracted countless other benefits besides.
1a. Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall squeezes believers for their offerings, makes them bow down and keep their houses 'open' for his favoured lieutenants and thugs to come in and bully as they will, and extracts countless other benefits.

2. Amber engaged in many acts of remorseless abuse of Johnny, but when called out, immediately put on the facade of being a 'survivor of domestic violence'
2a. Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall has engaged in many acts of abuse upon members and ex-members of his network of churches, within and without Australia, and whenever called out, immediately put on the facade of being a 'persecuted apostle, ganged up on by his enemies because of the Word of God'.

3. Amber's testimony consisted of a huge and convoluted mess of lies, stories and distorted perspectives, many of which contradicted one another and ultimately proved her story to be little more than a huge farce.
3a. Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall's doctrines and policies for his church have evolved over the years, and if one were to attempt to sum them up now they would end up as a huge and convoluted mess, told from Vic's distorted perspective, many of which contradict one another and ultimately prove Vic's claim of apostleship to be a huge farce.

4. Johnny was not a flawless character - admittedly he had his own problems, but being an abuser wasn't one of them, yet Amber insisted that he was the abuser, and made active attempts to utterly ruin his reputation by publicising her insistent claims.
4a. Us ex-members and current members of BCF and its affiliates aren't flawless, admittedly the time of our perfection is not yet at hand. However, Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall has a VERY nasty and evil habit of pinning imaginary sins and crimes onto members who wouldn't even DREAM of doing such imaginary sins and crimes! In addition, Vic will insist that they are guilty of those sins, and can (and MOST DEFINITELY WILL) make insistent and persistent attempts to utterly ruin the reputation of those members and ex-members among their family members and friends who are in the xCF network, by spreading hearsay, rumours, gossip and slander about them.

When we consider these points, let us also consider a term that has inundated ALL comment sections on news articles regarding the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case. This term is ALWAYS used against Amber Heard, and has now become commonplace in any section where people would be discussing this person. The term is: NARCISSIST.

Looking at the comparison of the points I have presented, is it not fitting to brand Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall with the term 'narcissist'? He ALWAYS thinks he knows best. He will NOT admit, not even on pain of death, that he has ever been wrong. When people all agree and say the same against him, that he has done them wrong, he will pull up the facade of 'Oh poor me, being persecuted all over again just for speaking the truth' when he is just defending the whole web of lies that he has woven!

Those of you from the xCFs - if you read this, kindly go and review the videos of the Depp-Heard court case. Go and see that sickening woman's face - that vile smirk, the contradictory statements, the insistence that she's never wrong (basically painting herself as a saint), and be VERY HONEST with yourselves. Haven't you heard this somewhere before? And isn't it so terrifying that you hear this emanating from the PULPIT OF A CHURCH THAT CLAIMS TO BE THE PUREST AND MOST TRUE CHURCH EVER?

Consider it. Wake up, if you still slumber! Wake up and seek wisdom!
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