CIFS workshop

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CIFS workshop

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Hi Friends,
I wanted to let people know of a really useful workshop. I attended the same one back in 2018. I found it incredibly useful learning about cults and also connecting with other people from different cults. Sadly the pain we have all suffered in not isolated to BCF. There are others who have suffered just as much from other 'churches'. I would highly recommend. ... -workshop/

Love and blessing
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Re: CIFS workshop

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Thank you for this BreakFree. We tend (as humans) to only know what happens to us in what we experience. However, It's beyond sad to know so many other cults are inflicting damage. Please keep posting!!
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Re: CIFS workshop

Post by Hope4 »

I can recommend ex-member workshops also.

Health professionals who have had personal experience of this type of trauma are invaluable. They have walked in our shoes and they understand the pain and heartbreak.

Creating a space limited to just ex-members provides security and care because those who have suffered as we have, get it!
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