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Re: So what’s the situation at Toowoomba Christian Fellowship? ----

Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2022 10:10 am
by Boundary Rider
Towards the end of 2021 I had word from a very reliable source about a significant exodus of a well-known family associated with Toowoomba through the Stanthorpe Fellowship. This is all the more significant because of the direct connection to Vic Hall , and his penchant for dispensing with his siblings.

My advice was that Steve & Joy Hall, Ben & Ainsley Hall, Michael & Amelia Hall + Ken & Leslie Asamoah have left xCF.

The Asamoah’s are Amelia Hall’s parents in Stanthorpe (same as S & J) Michael and Ben are Steve Hall’s sons (Vic’s nephews).

That’s a reasonably significant departure. All the more so when you recall that Little Brother Steve was the one wth the organising and management flair who completely restructured what had been the Associated Mission Fellowships of Australasia, set up in the time of Broer Jackson, to become the current Restoration Fellowships International Inc. Vic "inherited" the very loose structure of AMFA when he took power in 1988, and by 2002 Steven Hall had transformed a very loosely linked "association" of fellowships into a tightly-knit structure dominated and controlled by Vic Hall and Brisbane Christian Fellowship. For his efforts Vic 'thanked" Steve by savaging him to a severe nervous breakdown in 2010.

So out of Vic's siblings of three brothers and two sisters only David Hall in Adelaide is hanging on by the skin of his teeth after a major confrontation with Vic several Christmases ago. Has all the makings of Vic as a Roman emperor dispensing with any rivals, family included.

As I understand it, Steve hung on despite Vic's treatment of him for as long as he did so that he could get his whole family out together. No small achievement, and shows that Steve has true regard for his family, in marked contrast to his older brother.

I wish them well, and the hope of true fellowship to worship with.

Re: So what’s the situation at Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship? ----

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2022 3:56 pm
by Faith Hopegood
Boundary Rider,

thank you very much for posting that news. I truly hope that Steve Hall and his extended family are doing well and can get on with rebuilding their lives. No doubt there will be a lot of psychological healing that has to happen and this will take time. Also, I hope that they can continue to hold fast to the Lord and search out the biblical truth and try and sieve out the false and harmful teachings which have been sewn by Vic Hall. Vic Halls' false teachings are so insidious that they are hard to pin down and seperate what is godly truth from Vic Halls narcissistic and self-serving falsehoods.

I am glad you have pointed out the facts that the majority of Vic Halls own blood relatives have made the choice to no longer fellowship with him. You can add some of Lorraine Halls relative to this list as well. This should scream out loudly to all people who read this, as to what Vic Halls character is and what his own immediate family think of him and his son (whose nickname is know as Pig Pen).

And BCF and MCF people, don't try and say or think, "well the people in Jesus home town of Nazareth rejected him, so if Vic is rejected by his family, then it follows that Vic must be on the right track and be like Jesus"! No! Look at the fruits exhibited by Vic Hall and the stories told by his victims, this will give you a true indication of the nasty nature of the man and his poison minions. Vic Hall, just like his former minion, the deposed leader of the Falkencrest Slave Stables, both of them exhibit the opposite of Fruits of the Spirit: Anger, yelling, condemnation, accusations, selfishness, lack of forgiveness, coveting and taking others resources over time, slamming the odd shop assistants head in the boot of your car.

Keep the good news coming Boundary Rider.

Re: So what’s the situation at Toowoomba Christian Fellowship? ----

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 10:05 am
by Boundary Rider
Thanks Faith.
I'm happy to pass on to you, and all on Streetcar, that since the original announcement on February 6th of the departure of Steve Hall and his family from the ambit of Toowoomba CF, that more than 1500 hits have been made on this information.

The word is out and, combined with the growing response to the re-release by the ABC of "God of Broken Hearts", the steady decline of Restoration Fellowships International (Australasia) continues.

How it will survive Vic Hall's ultimate demise is wide open to question.

Stay safe.


Re: So what’s the situation at Toowoomba Christian Fellowship? ----

Posted: Fri May 06, 2022 4:23 pm
by Faith Hopegood
Hi Boundary Rider,
thanks for the update.
Further to my post above - urging people to look at the Fruits of the Spirit - which are not evident in so many of the Christian Fellow leaders, I would also ask people to consider the following question:

Q - What happens to people who leave the Christian Fellowship and want to gather with other Christians in non-CF aligned churches/groups?

A - The answer to this is very easy. People are not welcome or allowed or given a blessing to leave the Christian Fellowship.

This is because of the faulty fundamental beliefs and theology of the Christian Fellowship and Vic Hall.
The bible shows us the pattern how various disciples and apostles were sent out with a blessing to do missionary work. This has been the pattern in most church for all the history of the Christian Church. This pattern just does simply not exist in the Christian Fellowship (unless you are one of the anointed inner circle star messengers).

The reality of what happens in the Christian Fellowship (in my personal experience and the experience of all my acquaintances) is a couple of following courses of action - none of which are positive or nice or Christian:

1: A person feels that they want to go to church (fellowship) somewhere else and expresses this view to a leader. They may have seen or felt something that they are not comfortable about. This person is then instantly marked and reported on to higher up the food chain and the person is carefully watched. They will either be counselled or kicked out. And most certainly they will be put on the outer, expected to attend every meeting but will be considered an outlier and "not really part of us".

2: If a person feels a calling from the Lord to go and spread the gospel to some place where there is not a Christian Fellowship, they will either be talked out of it (because it is not from God ie the Elders didn't think of it first) or they will be given the right boot of fellowship out the door.

3. A person (such as many former leaders) might find themselves on the outer with Vic Hall or some other thuggish fellowship leader. Perhaps a person might have dared to disagree with a leader (at any level on the food chain). This person will be removed from all portfolios of authority and counselled and "under discipline". Eventually, they will receive a gestapo like visit in the night from some CF leadership and be told they are not welcome anymore at the fellowship - This is more common than you realise.

At no time will any person who wishes to go and fellowship elsewhere, will be sent away with blessings and prayers from the elders and congregation. (as is the normal process in other Christian churches). Instead the person will be virtually cursed and sent away or shunned or banned. The words of cursing are real as well. I have heard elders pronounce dreadful things against those who have been booted out or who have left. The elders will actively run around to all the friends and family of the person and tell them apocryphal things. The things these elders say, the negative words they utter, are genuinely spiteful and negative, and most certainly drift into the manipulative world of witchcraft. Witchcraft or the spirits that attach to this type of behaviour always have the following characteristics: manipulation, intimidation, domination.

Just look at the biblical examples of people who had the characteristics of manipulation, intimidation and domination. It is people like Jezebel in the Old Testament.

If it wasn't so serious, it is almost laughable that the elders in the Christian fellowship actually live under these Jezebel like spirits, when one of their main modus operandi is to run around and accuse all the CF wives, women and female teenagers of having this type of behaviour! When they are the male equivalent of Jezebel.

I think the "gestapo like knock on the door in the night" is the real giveaway as to how these people operate. These leaders are not godly leaders, they are just trying to control people, and if they can't control people, they destroy them.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is keep looking at the Spiritual Fruit: love, gentleness, kindness, patience, etc. If the leader or group has fruits that are not of these, then don't make excuses for their behaviour or try to justify it. Just recognise it for what it is - ungodly and unchristian behaviour. Leave and find another church that has follows the scriptures and shows love, gentleness, kindness, patience, etc.

Blessings to all
Faith Hopegood.

Re: So what’s the situation at Toowoomba Christian Fellowship? ----

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2023 10:54 am
by guest
Thank you Faith, Boundary Rider and everyone else who shares so honestly about the abuse put forth.....I can't begin to tell you wonderful it is to find this forum. I thought I was crazy for thinking something fishy of the whole "Brethren-angelos-messenger-presbytrery- (or whatever 'new' name for the minions) word that permeates every 'special message' forged by VH.

What happened to all those that received the 'right boot of fellowship' ? I would sure like to know. When I asked about several people missing (Murray W, D Falk, G.Harry) in action, I was lied to. The sick feeling in my stomach comes right back when thinking about these things.

For several years I have prayed if my feelings are in error Lord, forgive me. Of course, Vic says (through Peter Hay) the way I pray is of no avail.......The Lord continues to unmask this whole "Do as I say....not as I do" Xcf gospel. Blessings to each and everyone here.

Re: So what’s the situation at Toowoomba Christian Fellowship? ----

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2023 11:09 am
by Faith Hopegood
Hello Guest,
Great to read your post and see you are on the path to healing.
By way of encouragement, I am sure you prayers will be of great avail to you as you pray for yourself and other brothers and sisters in Christ.
If you were thinking that "something was fishy" then your spiritual radar is probably working well.
Because we a humans, we are all frail and none of us a perfect, so don't expect to find a "perfect" church or group of Christians to meet with.
Read your bible, pray as you read for illumination, and God will bring life to you.
Blessings to you in every way.